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Buy Fresh Pompano Fish Online

Buying fresh fish online has never been easier. You can now buy fresh pompano fish directly through this website. Harvested fresh from our ocean farm pens weekly for delivery to your door within 48 hours of harvest.

Our pompano fish are the prized Florida Pompano, Trachinotus Carolinus. Our own coastal hatchery produces the young pompano which are raised to market size in ocean pens in the pristine Caribbean waters of Laguna de Chiriquí, Panama.

Florida Pompano

"We are your fresh fish company, fresh fish distributor and fresh fish wholesaler!"

Dyer Aqua harvests Florida Pompano every Monday so that it can arrive at your doorstep within 48 -72 hours of harvest. Orders placed by the weekend will arrive the same week, orders placed Monday-Friday will arrive the following Wednesday or Thursday to your doorstep via FedEx Overnight. Our pompano fish are delicious. Find Pompano Fish Recipes here.

Our fresh pompano fish is harvested at predictable market sizes, and are available year-round!

>> Pompano Fish Facts

Dyer Aqua online technical data.
Species Trachinotus carolinus
Form and Size Whole: .75 -1.25 lb., 1.25-1.50 lb., 1.50-1.75 lb.
Availbility Once weekly, year-round
Taste profile Pompano has a succulent, mild and delicate flavor with high oil content.
Husbandry Eco-friendly, raised in low density 10kg per cubic meter, daily dives, no chemicals or anti fouling agents. No detectable levels of PCBs, mercury or other metals. Constant current flow 1.3 feet per second. Closest island is 4 km and mainland 12.9 km.
Feed Feed is GMO-free and hand fed twice daily. Pompano high in omega -3s
Harvest Immersed in ice slurry totes, processed and delivered to customer within 48 to 72 hours
Florida Pompano Recipe

Pompano Fish Recipes

Local chefs make delicious dishes using fresh pompano.

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Florida Pompano Blog

Pompano en Papillote, a palette pleaser since 1840

In 1840, a while after he successfully launched Antoine’s, the legendary New Orleans eatery, French immigrant and ma...

Florida Pompano

Florida pompano fish is abundant throughout the Florida waters and makes this fish one of the most sought-after game...
"LOVE THIS FISH!" - Sue B. - San Jose, CA.

"Just had a party and used Fresh Pompano as the main course braised in lemon butter! Awesome!" - Jack D - Medford, OR.
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