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About Us

Since 1996, Dyer Aqua LLC has been a pioneer in marine aquaculture research and development. The first company to achieve commercial production of numerous marine fish species, Dyer Aqua has managed hatcheries and ocean fish farming operations in Florida, The Bahamas, Puerto Rico, and, currently, Panama.

The video below will give you a tour of our Panama facilities and explain our fish and how we do business.

For more than 20 years, Dyer Aqua’s staff of scientists and aquaculture specialists have developed and refined proprietary methods for broodstock husbandry, hatchery production, and grow-out. These protocols helped the company become the first commercial supplier of farm-raised pompano in the western hemisphere and the only supplier of farm-raised Florida Pompano (trachinotus carolinus).

Dale Sims, Co-Founder of CleanFish, wrote that Dyer Aqua farm-raised pompano “may well be the best fish I have ever eaten. The whiter than white fillet is firm textured and moist, with an unsurpassed rich, buttery flavor.”


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